Army Mom’s Safe Haven


In the silence of the sunrise,
I remember those I've lost;
I remember them quite clearly,
for I've paid a heavy cost ~

It's the penalty of loving,
It's the surcharge for my care -
I can never, ever pay enough
To bring you back from there.

And just where are you, anyway?
Are you the dust upon the wind?
Are you particles of moonlight,
in the rain the black clouds send?

Are you smiling down upon me?
Do you shake your head with shame?
If I ever get to Heaven
Will you recognize my name?

In the silence of the sunrise,
I pack my sore heart away
and I stumble through the sunshine,
of yet another day.

©Copyright June 2005 by Christina

This Poem was the Inspiration for The Balance
©Copyright June 2005 by Robert E. Wheatley