Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Indifference

(For Trigger)

The dog is in the doghouse
and the rain is falling hard
I see and want to comfort him

I am only right across the street
I could be there in an instant
but I cannot feed or water him......

I can do nothing to alleviate
his shivering or pain
I am despondent......

And he looks at me when I go out
as if to say he understands -
but the thing is, I don't

Why do I have to wait
until his ribs are showing
until his health is gone

to be able to have the powers-that-be
take this poor critter, one of God's,
and see just what I see -

that indifference is painful
to a dog, a sentient being
and I, alone, am noticing
and all the while am grieving.

©Copyright february 2002 by Christina