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My son gave me a book,
And asked me to write the
Story of my life –

Christina: It's the Story of My Life

It's pretty simple really;
I was a baby, a girl, a student,
A wife.

Of course, there's much more to
Write than those simple things,
But I have to go backward
On Memory's Wings.

I have to remember
My mother's sweet face,
My father's grape arbor,
And My wedding day lace.

I have to go back
To the Vietnam War
To attending a "rally"
To learn something more

I have to go back
To my son's early years,
When I was newly divorced
And often in tears;

Working and raising a
Child on my own

Daycare to work,
To Daycare
and home.

Christina: It's the Story of My Life

Watching him grow
Was my one simple pleasure
He was my anchor
My pride and my treasure,

And I know I was often
quite pressed for time,
Still, my duty was clear
And the job was all mine.

I paid bills with my hands
Typing Complaints, or transfer of lands;

I read, I write, I crochet and I dance
I've had my good share of love
And romance;

I am still busy living
And I'm hopeful the rest
Of my life will be full
And as gratefully blessed.

©Copyright May 22, 2007 by Christina

Christina: It's the Story of My Life