Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Light in the Window


Driving home
tired and groggy
the country roads
were white, and foggy

Watching fields
where crops will grow
A farmhouse window
is aglow...

It's late at night –
he should be sleeping;
We ride on by
I wonder who's keeping

a vigil alone, in
a darkened house
For it's one in the morning
Maybe someone's spouse

is unable to sleep
worried and tired
a small child's sick –
in debt they're mired?

Yet another small place –
light thru frosted grass
Old soldier's had a nightmare,
watches out the window glass.

Her wedding day
might be tomorrow;
in another home,
someone yields to sorrow...

So many houses
with one window alight
What keeps the people
awake tonight...

©Copyright February 21, 2007 by Christina