Army Mom’s Safe Haven

(for Michelle and Jennifer)

Oh, my darling daughter,
you know I loved you so
Loved you so very much, in fact,
that I had to let you go.
My heart ached throughout the years
to simply touch your face
but I felt that you were better off
in a different place.
I said goodbye one sad, sad day
with a kiss upon your cheek
Believe me, when I tell you now
there were times when I was weak.
Times I wanted to bring you back
and times when I would weep;
but then I thought of your new life
and prayed before I went to sleep.
I prayed that we would see each other
sometime down the years
and I would kiss the little face
I'd covered with my tears.
My darling child I hope you know
how I have always loved you so
How I have carried you with me
in my heart and memory
and now that we have had that chance
to hold each other, heart to heart,
I will never let you go
and we will never part.

©Copyright November 2003 by Christina