Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Messenger Angels


Messenger Angels come in the night
and whisper their words to us all
I didn't want to hear what mine said
she said to let you go -
oh, no, I can't do that,
not ever, not at all

But the times got rough
and life seemed tough
and I was ill
and there was no "thrill"
for you anymore
So you symbolically walked out
the door......

Your love was gone long before you left
you bailed out of the boat of our dreams
and left me drowning in my tears
Why is nothing ever as it seems?

Pay no attention to these little rhymes
I'm just putting my feelings to paper
and pen

I hope your new love stays strong and healthy
For if she doesn't
what will you do then?

If the times get rough
and the going is tough
Will you stay with her
Or will you leave her, too?

I was the one who loved you.

©Copyright November 2004 by Christina