Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: My Pen


Faye has written a poem for me.
What a wonderful form of flattery -
and she mentioned that her friend
would say, in so many words,
that I was "bleeding from my pen".

Strange that she should say that
for I almost always write in red
Putting my thoughts and feelings
into words, helps me cope
and helps to quiet the rampaging
thoughts in my head -
helps to turn them around, and
thus, renew hope.

Because I'm always missing someone,
or sad for someone
or for myself...
But I very seldom cry.
Not anymore.

I turn quite often
to the poetry books
on my shelf -
to those other writers
who've encountered
sadness or war, sorrow,
who have put into words
the sound of the sky,
and a dream for tomorrow.

One thing I know:
My poet's pen is ever ready;
the subjects are never-ending,
and my pen shall never run dry.

©Copyright February 2004 by Christina