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Christina: My Sister, My Friend
For my sister
Rebecca Lynn Phillips Haskell


When I was thirteen, I had three brothers;
when our mother became pregnant again
I was so excited - I hoped for a sister
to even out the lopsidedness of too many "men"
The time passed on, and Mom's time grew near
and off she went to have her child;
she called me from the hospital room
and what she told me made me smile
You have a little sister, she said, to me.
I ran all the way to school that day
I have a sister, I repeated time and time again
It seemed there was nothing else to say.
In the early years, she went her way and I went mine
we shared a room for a period of time
We got along well, we didn't fight
I was hers, and she was mine.
In the fullness of time, we each married,
and I had a son, and she had more
She had eight children along the way
and my son, and one of hers, went to War.
Now that we're older, life has scarred us
Leaving its mark on our faces and hearts
My child is grown; I'm now a grandma -
she's still coaching kids on their school play parts;
She works, she volunteers; she's a wife and mother
she still looks so young - no time to grow old!
She's so much a part of my heart and my soul
that I crave her hug, if the truth be told.
We have grown closer as we've grown older
and time has dealt us some difficult blows
But I love her more as time goes by
and I hope to God she knows.
She is my heroine, I admire her
Her grit, her steady outlook on life
Her belief in God, and belief in herself
and her ability to work through the strife.
I love you, Becky, I always have -
I'll always be here for you
Our friendship will only grow deeper with time
and I wish only good things for you.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina