Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: My Treasure Chest


I love the camaraderie in this group,
and all your understanding;
I feel at ease, and peaceful here ~
For no one is demanding.

A poets' thoughts are dreams
of words, colored with emotion;
sad descriptions of war's horror,
flound'ring ships upon the ocean.

I spread my feelings on the ground,
as if they were a cloak;
I wrap my heartache all around,
and the flames of passion stoke.

Don't you feel as if you're naked?
How can you write the things you do?
Yes, I lay bare the soul of me;
When I share my thoughts with you.

I trust you not to laugh at me,
to be honest, with some tact;
a poem is an inner prayer ~
a feeling more than fact.

A poet's life is angst and woe,
sometimes, by nature, blest.
Each of you is a jewel that shines
within my treasure chest.

©Copyright September 22, 2005 by Christina

This poem prompted the response, Top of My Head Poem
©Copyright September 22, 2005 by Robin Amy Bass