Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Nkosi's Song


I am a black child.
In Africa, I have lived
for quite some time with AIDS

I have been asked to speak
out - to be seen as the
child that all the world knows
as a "survivor".

At long last, I am dying
and no one can know the
things I long to say -
I long to tell my mama
that I love her -

I long
to stay in this world
a little longer...
I long to have been
a little stronger...

If I have done some
good in having
my photo taken
and my words heard
around the globe
then perhaps
there may,
someday - be hope.

But I am not the only
child with AIDS -
I am not a poster child
for this disease
We are everywhere -
oh, there are many of us -
we come in many colors,
and we have many needs...

If my heart still beats
like a drum, for now,
Please hear its message:
Please notice us
please care for us,

©Copyright January 8, 2001 by Christina

This is not an "ordinary" Army Mom poem, but AIDS is a battle of its own, and I wrote this for little Nkosi, the boy in South Africa who has become so well known. The last I heard he was comatose and his mother said his heart just kept beating and she wondered what he could say if he were able - that's what inspired this poem.


Nkosi lost his battle with AIDS and died on Saturday, June 2, 2001