Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Come in all different sizes
manicured, and some are not,
some are ringed, some are plain
but all of them have got,
the power to give release of pain
the power to smile and interrupt rain
the power to turn when you can't move yourself
the power to put the flowers on a shelf............

Some are patient, some are not,
some are brusque and some are not
all are busy and overworked,
underpaid and overlooked.

Some have a natural knack for knowing
what to say when a tear is showing
some will ask is there anything "else" I can do
these words are healing balm to you.

When you are the one in the hospital bed
not wanting to be waited on hand and foot
they pad in their white shoes in and out
when touching yours what it's all about.

©Copyright May 17, 2002 by Christina