Army Mom’s Safe Haven


One night, I got the news that
Bunny was dying,
so full of life -
my brother's wife...
When he called,
he'd say:
It's ok, I'm ok,
we're doing ok...

People who say they're ok
are often trying to be brave.
I wanted to reach through the
phone and hug him
I wanted to reach through time
and save
the person who had been
a part of our lives forever...
And I couldn't - not ever.

That is when we needed mom
but she was gone, and
dad was too -
So I listened to my brother
tell me things were ok,
and I thought,
oh no, they're not:
but all I can do is be there
and say a prayer for you.

©Copyright January 1999 by Christina
(Revised, May 2001)