Army Mom’s Safe Haven


I've known several ladies
for whom the dreaded "C" word
was, and is, a Reality.
Some whose wisps of hair
shone like halos in the sun
Some quiet in their serenity.
Some as thin as any wraith
Brave women, every one;
Bolstered by Faith.

Two who have touched my life
have passed on -
fighting until the very end...
then, a calm surrendering, and
just the wondering of 'when'.

I have known some ladies
who have survived their fight,
whose families have rallied round
and bolstered them when spirits flagged
and their heart beat was the only sound
that they could hear at night;
Nights and moments of fear -
But they've survived - they are
still here.

They are brave, lonely, scared,
scarred, alone, loved and in love -
Young or middle aged, or old
Each one has a story to be told.

I wish you well -
You, with the wispy halo
and the swollen arm
I wish you hope -
there's ALWAYS Hope
I wish you all the
strength you need to cope...

I wish you well.

©Copyright February 2004 by Christina