Army Mom’s Safe Haven



What a word.
When I hear it, I think:
Which it is.
I am empty, in a way.
I hunger for things I do not
have, and cannot have,
and for the me I used to be.
Would I live my life
Who knows? Not me.
I wrote a poem in the 70s
about my ex –
I said I knew I missed him
by the way I was empty inside.
And it’s happening again.
Different me, different guy.
I fill my life with books and words
and friends, and my grandson
and I still have 363 blank days
to go
What will fill the emptiness,
(or who)
I’m looking forward
to 2005.
Maybe then I’ll know.

Submitted for the January 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Emptiness”