Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Someone asked me recently:
So, Chris, how are you coping on your own?
What they meant was, how
are you doing, now that you're alone
and I thought to myself,
Well, somehow, I keep breathing,
and my heart keeps beating
I walk the old dog
and I make sure I'm eating
I put one foot in front of the other
I write to my friends,
my sister and my brother;
and I still talk to the one
who broke my heart,
[you know, the heart that keeps beating
anyway - ]
I mean, really, what else
is there for me to say?
I am alone.
I sometimes feel afraid.
I take pride in small things
like the poem I wrote
or the supper I've made -
I have a friend, or two.
I try to remember to
look up at the stars,
when the day is through
So, someway, somehow
I'm coping on my own.
I am alone.
But I keep putting
one foot in front of the other
I keep in touch with my friends,
my sister, my son, my brother -
How am I coping on my own?
As well as I can
now that I'm alone.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina

This poem was the inspiration for the poem, Warrior's Heart
©Copyright December 30, 2003 by Lou J. Klaiber