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Christina with her Father, Robert, and Mother, Ruth
Christina with her Father, Robert, and Mother, Ruth

Parental Shadows

Memories of my parents
Shadow me –
Follow me through the day,
And into the quiet of the night.
They appear again
At first light,
I feel them close
When I am lost or sad –
I hear them laugh
When I am feeling light and glad –
Mom and Dad.

I know they keep watch now,
As they did, then.
They were the constants of my life
Among the busy world of men.

Both long gone,
I would have them back
For a short time –
A space of time long enough
For me and mine
To thank them for their love,
Their care –
For always being there.

I would mend the rifts
That occasionally occurred,
When one or another of us
Spoke a hurtful word;
the words we say and can’t take back
that turn a golden day
to black.

I’d give a final hug,
And understand it was the last.
One more smile, one tear
Before consigning them
to the Past.

Oh, those so dear.
I’ve let them go.
And now, I sustain myself
with the hope
That perhaps they Knew
As parents surely do –
That whether the words
are spoken frequently, or not:
Your children love you.

Where on the sundial’s
face are you?
Slowly and steadily
the shadows creep--

While the shadows of
our parents
watch us
while we sleep.