Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Pepsi Song


She leaned her head against me
and seemed to question why
we'd made a sad decision
that she would have to die.

She'd been in pain and she was old,
and still it seemed unfair,
that she would have to go away
as if we didn't care.

I stroked her and I calmed her
with my voice and with my hand
I hoped with all my heart and soul
that she could understand -

In seconds, all was ended
and her blue eyes couldn't see
that I was crying in my soul
as crushed as I could be.

Be free, beloved pet of ours
with no more pain to bear -
and if our souls are Heaven-sent,
we're sure to see you there.

©Copyright February 2001 by Christina

In Memory of Pepsi Marie, our Dog
October 1988 to January 2001