Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Spitzer and Spicer
couldn’t seem
any nicer,
wearing dark suits
and blue ties
with their wives
by their sides,

their flaws
to a lack of
with the wives
smiling, slightly,
and their mouths
pursed so tightly

Spitzer just babbles
about his slight blunder
when he hired a hooker,
and one has to wonder

whose money was spent
for the food and the flight;
[Did our taxes pay
for his trysts in the night?]

And Spicer’s a trip
with his political slip
and his announcement to all
that he’s gay, after all.

Well, Spitzer
stepped down
(political clown) ~
and the new New York governor
can’t see

He’s legally blind,
which no one should
if he’s doing his job
for you all,
me and thee.

If I weren’t
laughing so hard,
I’d put signs in my yard

and proclaim
them all Sinners
rather than
Winners, today
in the naughty
political game
that they play –

Where does one
draw the line?
Are the faults
theirs, or mine?

We Humans are flawed
we were made
so by God,
and I don’t care to
know what goes
on behind closed doors.

That’s between them
and their God
and their wives ~

wives who stand by the
men who make
the mistakes
in their lives.

Pass me a tissue
I don’t know if I’m
laughing or crying

at the politicians
who admit to
while somebody’s
soldier is dying.

©Copyright March 25, 2008 by Christina