Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Precious Doe
Erica Michelle Maria Green


At long last we know who you are,
who you were

when you were so dreadfully
betrayed by her

your mother

the very one who should
have protected you
who should have cuddled you
who should have been the
recipient of a small bouquet
of dandelions and a hand drawn
card on Mother's Day

What is the mindset of a mother
who would allow a stepfather
to hurt her child/
Who understands?
I think that I would strangle
any man who would hurt my child,
with my own hands.

I ache for you.
But, I am glad that I know
your name at last
and such a lovely name,

Erica Michelle.

I know you went through hell.
I know, too, that you are at peace
and free from pain.

You are no longer Precious Doe
You finally have a name
and I'm glad we know.

©Copyright May 7, 2005 by Christina

In Memory of
Erica Michelle Maria Green