Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Amid the swirling waters,
and with each buffeting gust,
all the fragile humans
begin to lose their trust.

With calls to God and Mary,
and nowhere to call home,
all the little humans
feel very much alone.

Reflected in the whirlpool
of destruction and despair,
are the faces of the strangers
who have come because they care.

And amid the sea of people,
the children and the old,
Evil walked, and waited,
for its story to be told........

And murders, rapes and mayhem
swirled the waters through;
frightening the humans
What to do? What to do?

A microcosm of our world
A mini-country thrown together
With citizens of all kinds
challenging the weather.

Stay strong, and pray -
there'll come a day
when all of this has past.....

When the people and the strangers
Will triumph at the last;
When the strangers and survivors
of the whirlpool made of rain
will triumph over evil
and be freed of all their pain.

©Copyright September 16, 2005 by Christina

For the Victims of Katrina