Army Mom’s Safe Haven


McCain is too old,
but they’ll vote
for him
because he’s not black –

Hillary’s got Bill ~
and she is so shrill,
she makes chills
run down my back

And then,
there’s the one who
is brown
called Barack.

His middle name
is Hussein
and the mere sound
causes folks to
go insane
with trepidation and fear ~
He’ll “bring”
Muslims here~
He’s a Muslim in
Oh, the tactics of fear
and the lies

If you want
the draft to come
Don’t vote for Barack –
If you want to
stay in the
then McCain is your
if you think
Hil will rule
without Bill ~
You’re mistaken.
Oh my

What to do,
What to do?
It’s a difficult
We’re in Iraq
and Afghanistan
so they can
vote with one voice –

Learn all you can
Then vote for your gal
or your man
If your kid is nearly 18,
he’s a prime
target for the
great war machine –
So, think long and
think hard
about whose
“Vote For Me” signs
you will post in
your yard.

©Copyright March 25, 2008 by Christina