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Christina: Sharp Edges (Terr and Chris - Prom 1965) Christina: Sharp Edges (1970 - Hawaii)
Left: Christina and Terry: Prom Night - 1965
Right: Christina: Hawaii - 1970


I used to be quite thin,
with sharp angles,
elbows, hip bones
and knees;
a jagged flat rock
skipped across
Life's seas.

In the process of my
I've been tumbled in
the rock polisher of life -

rolled until I'm
rounder, softer, smoother.
In the rocky field of life
I've been a daughter,
a mother, and twice a wife.

I like the softer me.
I am not so quick to anger
I am more patient
I am more understanding...
I write more letters
and send more cards -

Now that I am rounded
I find I can roll with the punches
a little better than I could before...

Nearing sixty,
(once a hideous thought -)
I've lived through
a ten year war
and other,
smaller ones, in which
my son took part;
survived two divorces with
my humor and my heart

I can state the following
as fact:

I've raised a child on my own,
lived together
and alone,
lost loved ones
and made new friends

and I am rounded now
I have far fewer
sharp or jagged edges
not as many ragged ends

Not as many barbs
with which to hurt someone

The younger me could fling
an insult or an angry word
quite loudly in order
to be heard -

No more.
I don't worry about the little
things anymore...

I like the rounder, softer me.
Although some jagged edges
still remain
lurking underneath the skin
I look forward to the
rest of life

I like the skin I'm in.

©Copyright July 1, 2004 by Christina

Christina: Sharp Edges (Christina and Machael - Valley Forge 1975)
Christina and Michael: Valley Forge - 1975

Christina: Sharp Edges (Jean, Tony and Christina - Ironton OH June 2004)
Jean, Tony and Christina: Ironton OH - June 2004