Army Mom’s Safe Haven


I rarely sleep quite late enough
to see images on the blinds;
the sun upon the plants outside
spin ghostly shadows - Nature's signs -

A spider wove a web criss-crossed
(I watched a long, long time)
I lay in bed and thought of Life
and what is left of mine.

And then a bee came jauntily
and had a taste of vine
and flew away quite tipsily
as if he had drunk wine -

the shadow of a bird shone through
and a lizard put on a show.
I almost chuckled to myself
I thought: It's good to know

that nature and the world go on,
when we're each troubled so -
I stretched and pulled the shade up
I must get up and go...

and then I had the greatest gift
that would be mine today...
a blade of vine, with diamonds;
two sparkling drops of dew
two diamond earrings
on the vines
just waiting for my view.

©Copyright November 2001 by Christina