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Alphonse Mucha: La Ruit
Alphonse Mucha: La Ruit

Small things make life
worth the living;
Small things, like heart-strings
are there for the giving.

You were a story-teller.
You were a giver;
a poet, full of words,
you were a life-liver.

I wish I’d had the chance
to meet you;
I liked how you never let
your life defeat you.

Those of us who
are left behind
will remember you
with memories, kind.

So, dance among
the stars tonight,
I’ll see you in the
morning light……

Author’s Note: My friend Tina passed away suddenly on September 2, 2008. She had sent me this response to the fact that my brother, Paul, had Dad’s knife back. The poem, “My Fathers Knife” refers.


It is often the small things that bring us joy and remembrance. I have on my, TV a picture of my ex wife. As I see it I see a reminder of what could have been had I of quit work and settled down. Next to the picture on my TV is a golden ring encased in clear plastic. A reminder of the love I would have had (homely) had the woman I was first going to marry had she not gotten killed in an auto accident. Throughout the house are writings I have done that have been set aside because I never felt they were worth being published or the light of day. Some things (like your fathers knife) are keepsakes that should go from generation to generation. Others like my mother’s 400 lb Butcher block table, I received after her death, should go onto someone else because I know I will never be able to move it again. I hope it goes to someone that will love and take care of it. I also have writing all over the house. The only thing I have ever thought was worth publishing was the column I did in Robinson for 100 editions. But so it goes. I am sorry my memory is on overdrive and you are all probably bored to death.

Tina Rice
September 1, 2008

God Bless and God Speed, Tina