Army Mom’s Safe Haven



We talk and talk
We try to understand

the whys and wherefores
when one takes gun in hand

and takes the lives of innocents
without a second thought.

We need to make some sense
of something that does not.

We ponder and we wonder
We dissect his words and woes;

we watch the way his eyes move,
his body language, and his clothes.

We can’t understand the anger
We can’t understand his pain

He doesn’t think as we do;
that is very plain.

We have scrutinized and
torn apart
in several different ways

the things he said
the things he did
and are still left in a daze.

Here is my conclusion
for the little it is worth:

Let there be no illusion ~
Evil walks upon this earth.

We’ll never know the wherefore,
we’ll never understand,

the ramblings of a tortured soul
who takes a gun in hand

and kills so many innocents
without a second thought

We can’t make sense of something
that goes against all we’ve been taught.

So, remember them with flowers,
with candles and with prayer;

and a promise to ourselves
to tell our loved ones that we care.