Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Sometimes I lay awake at night
and listen to the crickets, and
stare up at the dark ceiling
and think of you,
as the north bound train
rumbles through.

Sometimes, I think I
can still hear your voice,
and the way you laughed

I think about how I always
felt safe with you.
You never shoved me to the floor
or hurt me or were
cruel to me,
like some men were

Sometimes, I'd awaken
from a dream so deep
to find you holding my hand
even though you were asleep.

And sometimes, I even miss
the life we made for each other
a plain and simple life
but I was happy for the most part;
I've got good memories to keep.

I would have liked a bit more
dancing, but you can't
have everything.

I was peaceful with you;
you were my knight in shining armor,
and I gave you my whole heart
defying the people who
said you were too young
or I was too old,
who thought we should have
stayed apart.

I could tell you anything
You knew my secrets
and my oddities
you knew where my scars were
you were worth your
weight in gold.

I miss your hugs
and your hands
and your eyes......
I've found no one
to replace you
and I haven't really

Then I remember
that it's over
and you have a new wife

and I hope you are
happy with this new
phase of life

for I am still lonely
and sometimes I cry
when I think how I hated
that sad word: Goodbye.

©Copyright June 26, 2007 by Christina