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Christina: The Elephant's and the Mouse's Tails

(For Tristan)

I am a tiny little mouse
I live in Africa, a place
so big it seems to have no end
have my own huge moving house
she's Ellie, my best friend.
She has a long and twisty nose
but mine is very small
my tail is long and slender
and hers has hairs and all
I named her Ellie for it seemed
she had no name at all
and it just seemed to suit her
so that's the name I call.......

They say that eles are afraid
of little mice like me...
but from the beginning,
with the two of us... it didn't seem to be.

I didn't have too many friends
but Ellie, she had many,
and hunters always tried to catch them;
soon she hadn't quite as many.

I climbed up on her trunk one day
oh so carefully
It was a long, long trek for me
but I just wanted to say

[aside from the startling view, to me,
I'd never been so high
It almost felt as if I could reach
a little bit and touch the sky]

that I'd protect my Ellie
and the others in her herd
I promised I would do my best
and I have kept my word.

My whiskers, feet, my little nose
can hear and feel and smell quite well;
when something's moving in the jungle
I can very often tell....

and so I tell my friends the eles
to be quiet with their feet and nose
to get a quiet, hasty move on
so the hunters don't get close.........

I guess I've proved my worth to them
I'm accepted in the herd -
But after all, Ellie gave her friendship
and I, I gave my word.

The End of the Tail.-------

©Copyright June 3, 2002 by Christina