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Michelangelo's Face of God - Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo's Face of God - Sistine Chapel


I do a lot of thinking
as I lay awake at night
I think about the past
the present, and the flight

of all the Time behind me;
with fewer years ahead
I hope to live a long time
I don't look ahead with dread...

My life has been a circus
complete with acrobats and clowns
and topsy-turvy twirlers
all full of ups and downs

Hours of love and laughter
and moments filled with tears
I'm glad I've had each one of them
to sprinkle through the years

My path has been quite crooked
I've tripped, I've slipped, I've trod;
If I'm lucky at the edge of time
I may see the face of God.

©Copyright August 4, 2007 by Christina