Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: The Silver Sliding of Time


Time is steadily sliding on past,
like emerald green waves
are passing over the sand;

the Time passes differently
for Oceans, and Man –

You cannot hold the waves in your hand
You cannot keep time in a jar

It might seem to slow a bit
when you reach a sand bar

But nothing we do
and nothing we say

can ever keep time's tide
from slipping away

Time is like silver, all liquid
and bright
There's silver in stars
and moonsilver at night;

If the stars are the holes
cut in the fabric of blue,
well, it's the color of silver
that winks its way through...

Holes cut in the fabric
of the Universe by Time,
are filled with silver baubles
that we capture in rhyme.

When you reach the next sand bar
just stop for a rest;
Then plunge into Time's waves
with hope for the best –

We cannot stand still
and we cannot go back
When the heavens are
the future's not black.

©Copyright January 4, 2007 by Christina