Army Mom’s Safe Haven


A hot rain fell up
One cold summer day
And the spiky green grass
Turned all yukky and gray!

The turtle crawled out
Of his upside-down shell
And a bucket went up
In the upside-down well.

The clouds were all blue
And the sky was all white
The stars were quite black,
As the day turned to night.

All the donkeys wore pants
And the men wore a saddle,
And the ducks had to walk
'cause they couldn't paddle!

The elephants watched
As the humans did tricks
At the Circus in Mouseville,
Somewhere out in the sticks...

The dormice were building
A tiny pink door,
And the cats walked on ceilings
Instead of the floor.

The penguins could fly
And the seashells were singing,
When the birdies could speak
And the bees stopped their stinging.

There was pineapple all over
The tops of the cakes,
And the pigs had to crawl
Next to 4-legged snakes!

The children were reading
To the books late at night
And the fairies got mixed-up
And bumbled their flight...

The grandmas got younger,
And the parents got old!
Winter got warm
And the summers grew cold ~

When Peace came from War
not the other way 'round;
and the soldiers stayed home
to till their own ground...

'Twas an upside down world
and a downside-up day
When the sky was all white
And the green grass turned gray!

©Copyright February 23, 2007 by Christina

The idea for this poem was "borrowed" from Down in the Never Nevers
©Copyright 1958 by Colin F. Jones