Army Mom’s Safe Haven


(Some Fall Thoughts)

Walking the dogs this morning,
I looked over at the mountains
wearing their Autumn clothes
reds, oranges and gold –
and wondered: Who knows

when their time on Earth
is coming to an end –
Be forgiving when you can,
and be kind to each Friend.

Take the time to look
at small things; shadows, and
leaves and such
Don’t look down; Look Up!
Smile and upright stand –
there is so very much
Out there that you can still see
the colors of the world
and the world is never bland

When you think something is right
Quietly make your stand –
Speak an encouraging
word, when one is due –
Give a smile to someone else –
Do what you wish
they would do for you……

Look around! Just because
you CAN!
Many a soldier
has died too young
and many will
leave to be old………

Live today for today –
so that when you go
to bed tonight –
You have left, behind you,
some small light………

Live your life. It is
all you have –
And this poem?
I hope you understand it……

Those who have gone
beyond us, wish us Life –
In fact,
they demand it.