Army Mom’s Safe Haven


If you hug too hard or too often,
I cringe, I hurt, I "feel"
every finger tip, every palm print,
and sometimes the hugging doesn't heal.

I've got some thin skin
and I've got some that's rougher;
I don't think I need to get
any harder, any tougher.

Don't come too close
unless you sense I need it,
Don't starve me of your friendship,
But, when I'm hungry, take my
soul and feed it.......

I think, I am, I remember.
I have some walls
sometimes I climb to the top,
and I have had some
righteous falls.........

When I fall, help me up.
And then let go.
Just stay nearby, so you
can hear me when I cry;
But then again,
you understand all this.
You know.

©Copyright July 1, 2005 by Christina