Army Mom’s Safe Haven


They have walked with me
through love and tears,
through my younger
turbulent years,

when I tried to climb
the Ivy, looking for the Wall,
when I cried myself awake
one long and war-torn Fall...

Sara's "song" meant poetry
and her words mean much to me

She wrote

"I thought I had forgotten
but it all came back again..."

Simple rhymes
so often echoing mine
and my relationships with men.

Rod's been there
since my first love
and is still with me
now that I am on the far side of time

His sensuality, his prose, and rhyme
still touch this broken
heart of mine

At night, I read the Bible,
Love Songs, and Stanyan Street

all of the characters
I would love to meet...

I have stored their words
in the cupboard of my "when"
When I look back from the now
to the then,

All the words so
true and sweet
keep me company
again, and again and again.

©Copyright March 2006 by Christina

For Sara Teasdale and Rod McKuen