Army Mom’s Safe Haven



There are Times.
There is the first time
and the last time –
the only time –
the future,
and the past time.

There is the time a baby tastes
snow on his tongue and laughs
with plain delight –
when an older person
yearns for someone in the night –
There is the time of great distress
and longing and dreadful fright…
sometimes there is a time
to fight.

There is the first time of love
and the first time of loss
and the time when we
must pay the cost
of reaping what we sow –
There is the time of letting go –
There is a time of being young,
for being wild, and free,
of being settled –
and of sometimes feeling
lonely in a crowd
when everyone else is talking
but words in your head are loud –
There is a time of healing
a time when there is loss of feeling
a time of conquering, and gladness
a time of failure, along with sadness.

Enjoy it all, and keep on learning
because, in reality,
in the world’s constant turning
time is measured in
milliseconds of the sun –
Time is all there is –
and at some point,
the Time

Submitted for the June 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Time”