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Christina: Today I Am Sixty
Me and my pal, Dale, with my 60th Birthday flowers from Dane and Vicki, and Ellen


Today I am sixty
and I'm feeling quite wise.
I don't feel very different;
then, I look at my eyes

I've got little pouches
and several small lines
and my hands are now wrinkly
and I've lost my behind!

I think of my parents
this birthday morning,
how my mom had a tough time
while I was a'borning,

and my dad was so proud
and my grandparents, too,
later on, dad and granddad
would fight – yes, it's True!

I had a great childhood
I was loved, and well fed –
I had new clothes for school,
and clean sheets on my bed.

I had friends down the block,
and stories at night,
and three younger brothers
which was quite all right.

I was thirteen, when mom
had my little sis –
and I thought to myself -
Can't get better than this!

My parents are gone,
the grandparents, too,
Now I am a grandma
and I'm here to tell you

that I'm glad I've reached sixty
with most of my mind
and my weird sense of humor
and my sagging behind...

So, I send you my love
on my special day
Because you mean more
Than I ever could say.

©Copyright March 10, 2007 by Christina