Army Mom’s Safe Haven

(The Virginia Tech Massacre)

Because I cannot think
of any one word
to describe the horrors
of what was watched
and heard,

my poem is Untitled;
my anger is unbridled,
and I am left to wonder

Why were some wounded,
and others left to die?

Promising young lives
have been snuffed out
and the survivors are left
to wander aimlessly about

in pain, and fear
and those who seem
so stoic now,
will later on,
begin to dream
and I wonder how
they will face the dawn.

Theirs will be
a delayed reaction -
better, I think, to
have shaken and cried
and taken action,
right away ~
than to be stoic and
let the screams carry
over into another day....

One foot in front of the other
one day, the father cries,
next day, the mother ~
one day a sister leans
on a brother
next day, it's his turn

Not even the dark of
night will be able to diminish
the pictures
of the student's gun
with its flash and burn.

Send the children
off to school
Teach them all the Golden Rule,
but sadly, we must teach them, too,
to be aware:
For there is danger lurking

©Copyright April 17, 2007 by Christina

In Memory of those lost or wounded in the Virginia Tech Massacre, April 16, 2007