Army Mom’s Safe Haven


All the different kinds of love
have one distinctive theme:
if you care more for the other
than you do for yourself,
then Love is the truest dream.

Love has a life of its very own
if you listen to its sighs,
and Love can be seen and often
heard, in the look of a dear one's eyes.

Some have been known to die for Love;
and some will protect to the death,
and some will manage to say the words
with their final, earthly breath.

On thousands of stones in graveyards
"Beloved" is engraved -
and millions of lives of dear ones,
by Love alone, were saved.

A mother's Love for her child transcends
any fear that she may feel,
and a woman's love for a gentle man
is powerful, and real.

The Love of a Friend is priceless and sweet
and comforts and gladdens the Soul,
and a child's Love for his parents
completes them, and makes them whole.

A soldier's Love for his comrade in arms
is deeper than deep can be -
it's the only reason, oftentimes,
to make sense of the hell he must see.

A Love of nature is the love of the world
and the creatures that dwell within -
for Love is the true religion
and it all began with Him.

So, reach out and speak the words that you feel
and someone will take them to heart;
you may not realize how much it means,
but there's no better way to start.

©Copyright February 2001 by Christina