Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Walls are moving inward
the ceiling's moving, too
I'm too paralyzed to move –
what am I going to do?

There's a knot in my stomach
I think it's called fear –
I need to do something
but I can't move from here.

I sit out the day
and watch the TV
I know I should eat,
I won't cook just for me.

How in the world
did I get to this place
with my life such a muddle,
worry lines on my face?

It didn't take much
to throw me a curve
Losing my job and
my health made me swerve

quite easily down the
embankment of life
I'm down at the bottom,
where it's murky with strife.

Somebody reach down,
and lend me a hand,
pull me out of this hell
while I'm able to stand.

There's a knot in my stomach
I am feeling so scared;
There's a panic within me
I wish someone cared.


Well, I have been down there
right where you are
Here is my hand
reach up; I'm not far...

One step will take you
out of the door
one smile will help
with a new job and more –

As for a new love,
I'm working on that –
For hugs I rely
on my dogs and the cat...

Here's my arm for awhile
till you steady your gait;
Everything will get better
That Fear will abate

So, push off the bottom,
reach up for the sky
You're not all alone,
and neither am I.

©Copyright March 7, 2007 by Christina

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writings: March 9. 2007
Awarded: March 9, 2007