Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: White Dog - White Bed


Some people think a dog
should know its place
I've said it before,
and I'll say it to their face
If you get a dog, that
was your choice, you know
So treat him right; make sure you show
that you value his friendship, his gentle ways
when all he wants is a bit of praise -
and don't we all desire that, now and then?
Dogs are the perfect companions for men.
In the midst of loss, and sadness and pain
a dog can make you smile again
A member of the family, devoted friend
A dog is loyal straight to the end...
Love your creature, as he loves you
A dog's heart is faithful, loving and true.
If he sleeps on your bed and keeps your feet warm
If you know he will endeavor to keep you from harm
If he wags his tail when you come home
and accepts tears and hugs when you're all alone
There's no price to be paid for a dog's great heart
So, treat them well, right from the start.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina

In Memory of Pepsi, Eva, Kimba, and Suka, and other dogs in our lives