Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: White Frost


Once I am gone,
I'd like a bench made of stone
Just put my urn there
I won't feel alone.
Lovers can sit there
and dream a new life,
and those lost in grief
can miss a husband or wife;
I'll feel like I'm helping
although I am gone
A bench of my own
for folks to sit on.

Now, don't think I'm sad
I hope to live long
and be an old lady -
before I move on.
I'm just hoping for
somebody, maybe, to see
how I love benches and flowers,
and that someone loved me.

Bring me white lilacs
or lilies, a simple white rose
I won't be lonely
I'll be among those
who have gone on before,
we'll all be together,
and happy once more.

Remember me, then,
if you will
by placing my urn in a bench
on a hill

A white bench, a lilac,
Leave me one single rose
So when people visit
somebody knows
that you stopped to see me;
My wish is so simple
It's just simply this
Please don't forget me
Leave me a flower,
God's sweet earthly kiss.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina