Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Women in the Mines


I never knew there were women
who went down into the mine;
never knew there were little girls
beneath the dust and grime -

One said she was never sick
and never a day was missed
except when she had a baby,
and then her husband did insist.

You'll go down the mine, he said
and she would not dare refuse
or he would beat and bloody her
and then she'd be no use.

Oh, I've seen some awful things,
during my time below -
a girl was crushed the other day
someone I didn't know.

The Pit Boys - they would break your heart
and I look at them and see
no future for my little girl
as there's been none for me.

I cannot see a way out
I'm blind in heart and soul
For I work deep inside the earth
I'm a miner for the coal.

©Copyright November 2003 by Christina

Author's Note: For the women who were injured and killed in the mines