Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Saturday, April 7, 2001:

David and Linda came to hear me speak
at the women's Tent at the Moving Wall -
they came to listen to my speech, in support -
though Linda wasn't feeling well at all

When David walked the Wall, I wondered
what must have been going through his mind.
He doesn't talk about the War
at least, to me; never about that year some
part of him was left behind.

Sunday, April 8, 2001:

We went to Dave and Linda's for a bar-b-que
and as we were leaving, David asked me a question:
"Hey, how come you didn't read the '1,000 Yard Stare'?
That's the one that took me 'back' - back over there..."
I looked through my sunglasses, and realized
his eyes were wet -
maybe thinking about "that" year...
(or it might have just been the smoke
from the bar-b-q-grill)
But I'd be willing to bet
a tear had replaced his Stare.
Next year, David, next year - I will...
Never fear.

©Copyright April 9, 2001 by Christina