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Christina: Dear Sir Knight  Christina: Dear Sir Knight
Little Sir Michael


Dear Sir Knight
Dear Little Galahad

Just looking at photos
makes me happy and sad

My only child
my only son
How could I ever think
my job would be done?

If part of the job is to worry
then I've earned my medal of gold;

so many sleepless nights
when you were 16
and acted so bold.......

And when you were 18,
you had left me for good

Tears, wishes and prayers
dot my night's neighborhood....

And now you're a Soldier,
no longer a Knight
except in my eyes
down deep into the night

I see you in Armor
of newspaper and foil
and imagine you standing
on some foreign soil

Christina: Dear Sir Knight

Your "tennies" replaced by
tall Army Boots
marching, and fighting;
then working too hard
to get new Recruits.

This time, when you leave,
gear stowed in your pack,
It will take all I have not to yell,
please, please come back!

Ah, Dear Sir Knight
Sir Galahad
My pride and my joy
My heartache and anger
My dear little boy

Go off to your War
and come home at the end
I'll take care of your wife
and your son;
Maybe I'll show him that picture
of you in newspaper and foil
while you are fighting
on some foreign soil.

©Copyright Christina by February 23, 2006

Christina: Dear Sir Knight  Christina: Dear Sir Knight
Michael, Aletha, and Tristan
December 2005