Army Mom’s Safe Haven


I miss you today, my friends,
you, whom I never even met;
I am missing you today
And I never will forget
the friendship that you offered me
across long distance telephone,
by computer and by snail mail
so I would never feel alone......

I've misplaced Danno's recipes
for Klingon Wine and other "treats"
and I need Bob Lynn to tell me
how to reweave the barstool seats...
and Buck, well I just miss him,
for no real earthly reason;
It seems they all went heavenward
in one long, sad winter Season.

So, those of you who are still here
I'd like to tell you this ~
how very much you mean to me
for I wouldn't want to be remiss
in letting you know I love you all
and I thank you for your caring
when all is said and all is done
I thank you for your sharing.

©Copyright April 2004 by Christina

In Memory of
Dan 'Danno' Pocius, Robert 'Bob' Lynne and Harry 'Buck' Winterholer
(Vietnam Veterans and friends all)