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Christina: I Am... Your Recruiter
Sergeant John W. Russell
Killed when two Black Hawk Helicopters went down during Operation Iraqi Freedom
November 15, 2003


I am
the first contact you have
the one who gives you information
I talk to your parents
I check your past
keep an eye on your present;
then I sign you up at last.

I know that when you sign the paper
I am sending you away
I have been where you will be
I have seen what you will see
And for each and every one of you
I wish the best.........

Sometimes I cannot rest.
I see your faces in the night
I wonder if you'll be all right...
and when I hear that you have died
there have been nights when I have cried -

I am the one who signed you up
who talked to your mom
I am the one who feels the quilt......

For I was

Your Recruiter.

©Copyright November 2003 by Christina

In Memory of Sergeant John Russell, my son's friend
and a former Recruiter who was killed in Iraq, November 15, 2003

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