Army Mom’s Safe Haven

(For John)

I got the letter just today -
You didn't have too much to say -
You were depressed
From lack of home and lack
of rest -
You've been there such a long, long time
The months are numbering nearly nine -
You still don't speak much of the War
And I've never known a War before -
But I'll be here if you want to talk
Or dance, or run, or simply walk.

You spoke of past and future dreams
The "World" - and then the way it seems
You said you're lost and sad
And so confused about yourself
And where you stand.
You were a boy when you left;
you have since become a man.

No one wants to fight and die -
No man wants to hurt - or cry -

I do not want to have to grieve.
But I was proud when I watched you leave.

©Copyright 1966 by Christina