Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Scar: A mark left in skin or internal organ by the healing of a wound – the result of a trauma.


I can’t see your scars
when I watch you sleep
They’re not on the outside
They’re buried way down deep ~
Those are the ones I look for
the ones I want to touch
those other ones are skin deep
they don’t hurt as much.

Some people see the outer scars
and quickly walk away,
some people simply stare
and don’t know what to say

But sometimes someone wants to know
how they came to be ~
I can’t see the scars inside;
they aren’t there for all to see~

It’s impossible for you to know
exactly how I feel –
but with all my heart
I’m smoothing them
and hoping that they’ll heal.

©Copyright July 1998 by Christina
Revised November 2003