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Christina: Stop Loss
U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
[Reuters] December 8, 2004


Stop Loss
Stop the Loss
Who's the Boss?
Coin toss...

Asked for armor
We won't get it,
there's a need;
I don't regret it.

Shock and Awe
Yes, that's the way
Bomb them;
Then make friends Today

Yes, Indeed, I say!
Up-armor my vehicle
Mr. R!
How about a ride
In my flimsy car?

Stay with us
Don't go home yet
stay for awhile.
Don't get upset

Oh, now you think you
Should go home?
Well, here's a flash
you're not alone!

We are staying
We don't mind
Send us one of your sons or two
So we don't feel
We're flying blind...

Stop Loss
Coin Toss
Rolling tanks
Don't gather moss

Bring us home
or flip the coin
C'mon, Bushmen,
Won't you join?

©Copyright December 2004 by Christina

During and address to U.S. military personnel in Kuwait, before their scheduled departure for Iraqi combat-zones, December 8, 2004, an American soldier (in a question framed an embedded reporter, none of whom were permitted access to Rumsfeld during his visit) complained to Rumsfeld that troops were being forced to dig up scrap metal to protect their vehicles in Iraq because of a shortage of armored transport. [Reuters] December 10, 2004