Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: The Big Picture


Someone's bigger picture has
a glass without a frame -
Someone's bigger picture
is a subject with no name....
Lots of little photographs
make up the solemn whole
and all the little soldiers
have lost a little soul;

... and Someone's bigger picture
is never seen quite clearly
for the glass was badly shattered
and the price was paid
quite dearly.

Someone's bigger picture hangs
shattered on the wall -
never seen by those who posed for it,
broken one and all...
You cannot glue the glass again
you cannot make it right -
you cannot undo death and war -
they cannot now un-fight;

And Someone's bigger picture
is nothing but a blur
in the lives of those who fought and died
for someone they called "Sir*"...

©Copyright February 2001 by Christina

* Meaning the "real" Political higher ups, not the ones in the field, of whom my dad was one.