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Christina: Waht If They Gave a War...


What if they gave a War
and nobody came?
What if no one died, or
was wounded,
and there was no one to blame?

What if no one had nightmares
and demons that came in the night?
What if we weren't afraid
of the darkness ~
what if we exposed our
souls to the light?

What if they gave a war
but every Mother's
child slept snug in his bed,
while politicians themselves
fought in his stead?

What if they gave Peace
and everyone came?
What if all was discussed,
in a certain time frame...
what if there were no
bombs used to maim?

What if they gave a War
and nobody came?

Is your tombstone already
engraved with your name?

War. What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.

For Shame.

©Copyright August 2004 by Christina